Program Activities

Through participation in this fifteen month program, Practice Change Leaders will further develop their leadership skills through completing a project aimed at improving care for older adults. With the support of local and national Senior Leaders, Practice Change Leaders will engage in self-directed acquisition of the necessary skills and content expertise to become more effective leaders.

To create maximum efficiency and leverage, the Practice Change Leaders program will focus on four core topic areas that are central components of national reform efforts. These core topics include enhanced primary care (to include but not limited to person-centered medical homes), accountable care organizations, transitional care and hospital readmission reduction, and programs designed to meet the needs of dually eligible beneficiaries.

Practice Change Leaders’ projects will ideally address one or more of the four core content areas. Applicants may propose a newly designed project or the continuation of an existing project that is being actively pursued. The projects will serve as an important vehicle for “hands-on” learning of critical and transformative leadership skill development.

Practice Change Leaders will attend four highly interactive national meetings over the course of the award. These meetings will be convened in different locations throughout the country. Attended by the Senior Leaders and select national experts in health and health care delivery to older adults, the meetings are founded on the premise that every attendee is both a teacher and a learner. Practice Change Leaders will have the opportunity to receive input on their projects and progress in pursuing their career goals through case-based discussions complemented by group problem-solving activities.

Each national meeting features an interactive seminar, led by a national expert. Potential seminar topics include: developing a compelling business plan, building high performing teams, building strategic partnerships across service lines, leading cultural change, and strategic fundraising. Periodically, the Practice Change Leaders and Senior Leaders will meet in subgroups to focus on consumer engagement, policy, finance, and community collaboration.

The Practice Change Leaders program will employ a small group problem-solving format in shared-learning pods with mentorship from Senior Leaders (national experts in practice change), skill building seminars led by nationally known faculty, a curriculum that addresses the unique competencies for improving care for older adults, and ongoing exposure to interdisciplinary collaboration, effective evidence-based models, best practices, and methods for facilitating local, regional, and national spread.

Between the national meetings, Practice Change Leaders will participate in conference calls to foster further peer-to-peer learning and ensure that they are receiving the support needed to successfully conduct their projects and hone their leadership skills.

Complementing their development as individual leaders, Practice Change Leaders will be joining a collegial network of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to implementing innovative approaches for improving the health of older Americans. This network will contribute to the national agenda for improving the quality of care to older adults, facilitate a rapid collective response to changes in Medicare and other financing programs, foster dissemination of evidence-based models of care, and serve as a platform for more systematic improvements in care beyond the Leaders’ individual institutions.

Upcoming Conference Dates

February 21-23, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

May 30-June 1, 2018 in Chicago, IL

October 3-5, 2018 in Washington DC

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