Frequently Asked Questions

Program Eligibility & Requirements

1) Who can apply?

The program does not limit applicants from specific disciplines. However the applicant must be in a position to influence care delivery in the respective home organization. Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, and Social Workers are all eligible to apply. You are welcome to email the National Program Office to describe your particular situation.

2) Can an individual working overseas who is not a USA national apply to the fellowship?

No, the program is only open to individuals living and practicing in the United States.

3) Should applicants be early, mid, or late career?

Given the heterogeneity in career paths, the NPO does not wish to be overly proscriptive. It is anticipated that applicants have assumed positions with operational influence. The NPO also recognizes that some individuals may have been relatively "senior" in a prior position, but are relatively new to the field of aging. In any case, applicants should have some experience creating or managing aging-related programs.

4) Is it a disadvantage if an applicant is employed within the same organization as one of the PCL program Senior Leaders?

An applicant can be from the same organization as a Senior Leader.

5) The application uses the terms "health organization" and "health care organization" as part of the eligibility requirements description. Does this include long term care?

The program embraces a very broad definition of "health" that encompasses promotion, prevention, and direct care—including long-term care. Individuals who function in this environment or at the interface between a community organization and health care delivery are also eligible.

6) Does "health care delivery organization" include both physical and mental health?

Yes. Applicants should provide details in their application of what particular populations and what particular care needs will be the focus for the project. The program has a broad view of health.

7) Does the applicant's home institution need to be a non-profit organization?

No. The only requirement is that the home institution serves older adults in a health or health care capacity.

8) Does the Leader need to be employed full time by their home institution?

Yes. The Leader should also only be employed by a single institution.

9) Is it acceptable if the candidate's home institution is an agency that does not provide direct care services?

Yes. While some community organizations do not provide care directly, they can have influence over the way care is provided and would be appropriate, provided this point is developed in the application.

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