Christine (Himes) Fordyce, MD

Medical Director Healthy Aging Program
Family Practitioner and Geriatrician
Group Health Permanente
Seattle, Washington

Dr. Chris Fordyce is a primary care physician and Medical Director of the Healthy Aging Program at Group Health in Washington State. Founded in 1947, Group Health is a non-profit health system with 650,000 members and the nation’s largest consumer governed health care organization. Group Health Physicians, with its 1,217 physicians, serves a Medicare population of 65,000 in both group and network models and, with its health plan partners, received a Medicare 5 Star rating the last 2 years.

Dr. Fordyce has held a variety of leadership positions since joining the Group Health medical staff in 1988, including Director of Geriatrics, Medicare Medical Director and currently Medical Director of the Healthy Aging Program. She has led numerous systems change and quality efforts from primary care nursing home rounding teams and hospice services, to guidelines for the primary care multidisciplinary team in managing the geriatric syndromes and preventive care, and physical activity prescriptions for older adults and people with chronic diseases.

Currently, she is focused on the design and implementation of a full spectrum Preventive Care Model for Healthy Aging, based on Dr. Ed Wagner’s Chronic Care Model and made possible by the Medical Home system design. The work develops frontline content for public policy initiatives, community partnerships, patient self management strategies, decision support with education for providers, and integration of fundamental geriatric care into the electronic medical record for both group and network physician practice teams.

A passionate national, community and medical education speaker on all aspects of healthy aging and preventive care for older adults, Dr. Fordyce enjoys mentoring the next generation of leaders across health care team members from outpatient primary and specialty care, to hospital and home care. She has been excited to serve as a mentor to new geriatric leaders nationally through the Atlantic Philanthropies and Hartford Foundation supported Practice Change Fellowship program.

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