Selection Criteria

A selection committee comprised of nationally prominent experts will select the Practice Change Leaders. In their evaluations, committee members will consider the following factors:

  • Demonstrated commitment to improving care for older adults
  • Demonstrated leadership capacity
  • Potential for future accomplishments
  • Impact of applicant’s project on quality of care for older adults
  • Impact of the applicant’s project on the applicant’s career trajectory
  • The proposed budget and how it reflects the home organization’s commitment
  • The home institution’s commitment to the applicant as evidenced by meeting the required cost-share of $20,000
  • The home institution’s letters of support convey a high level of support for the applicant’s participation in the Practice Change Leaders program and specifically address the relevance and importance of the proposed project to the home institution’s mission and strategic direction.
  • Overall presentation of application, including writing ability and style, reasoning, and clarity
  • Applications will be further judged and selected based on potential to exert a profound impact on care for older adults, commitment to self-directed and peer learning and improvement, and a strong professional record reflecting positions of increasing leadership responsibility.

    Common mistakes/ways to improve your application
  • Don't bury the lead
  • Follow the directions listed in the application
  • Make sure your project has already started and give details in your application
  • Get a letter of support from a partner
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