Practice Change Leaders For Aging and Health

"My team is undertaking a significant effort to organize care across regions. Everything that my team is accomplishing has been a result of my participation in PCL. I gained access to the right people – be they mentors or alumni – which changed and enhanced our programs. I now know how to determine the best metric. I am able to ask all the right questions. I understand the art of presenting a business case. I understand how to change how I share information based on the audience. I learned how to engage and partner with unique entities to build the process together – so we are not siloed services, but integrated within the work flow and the culture of the region".

~Cynthia Tack, Director of Care Coordination
MMC Physician-Hospital Organization, Portland, Maine.

"I entered as someone working across the system vs just with older adults. I learned about all kinds of senior services, even in my own county, that I did not previously know about. We have now launched a Seniors Initiative, to understand the gaps in services. We are now making sure we have the right mechanisms in place to serve them. This would not have happened without PCL. The PCL program made me realize that we were not paying enough attention to our senior population and their growing needs, and gave me the background I needed to address this problem".

~Jennifer DeCubellis, Asst Commissioner, Human Services Hennepin County, MN

Practice Change Fellows

“Connections made during the fellowship with national leaders in geriatrics was critical to the success of the project. What I learned most from the program was not only to measure the success of my program, but also to market the successes and understand the business case for any potential new health program.”

~Randi E. Berkowitz, MD
Hebrew Senior Life

“Expert mentoring, interactive skill sessions, and a group of dynamic peers all paved the way for me to become a change agent for my community.”

~Lee Greer, MD
North Mississippi Medical Clinics, Inc.

“This vibrant family has rejuvenated both my vision of what is possible and my sense of what is important. The Fellowship taught me that cultivating meaningful and sustainable practice change begins with an idea - a seed planted in fertile soil, carefully tended with awareness of interdependent processes, and watered by collaborative partnership.”

~Elizabeth Hart, MD
Maine General Health

“I am more committed and have less of a sense of isolation one can feel from a leadership position and trying to advance less mainstream concepts and models in health care. The fellowship pushed me more to examine my weaknesses, recognize my strengths, and help me to create stretch goals for myself as a leader and manager.”

~Kyle R. Allen, DO
Formerly of Summa Health System

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